Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Perspective is Heavenly

Perspective is defined as a way of regarding situations and facts and judging their relative importance. Many of our problems, especially our reactions, come from having bad perspective. Something happens and we are unable to accurately judge the relative importance of the event. Since it is happening to us and it happening now, we make it out to be relatively important. I ask, relative to what? And the answer often is, relative to anything and everything. The thing of the moment is the thing. And when we think this way, we often act way out of proportion to the true relative importance. 
         This is true of the man cutting in front of you in line, the person taking too long to cross the intersection, the clown with his head down, texting at the green light who had the relatively important distinction of delaying your day by three whole seconds!
         Saints, get some perspective! Step back and see the situation, maybe even as God sees it. The clown texting might be oblivious but at least he is not a saint given to rash emotions and overreactions. How is God looking at that situation?
         This proper perspective in the little things will help you learn a principled perspective in the big things. Such a true perspective will create a place for you of peace and hope in Jesus Christ.
         So, let us confess our inability to see things properly and ask God to give us a more heavenly-minded perspective.

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