Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Covenant Renewal Communion

The high point of our liturgy moves to the Lord’s Table. In our service, as in our lives, we are aiming at close communion with God. At His Table, we see this all come together. The Father has called us, Jesus has cleansed us, the Spirit has filled us and we have become friends of God.
         Because there is still sin and death in the world, we need the promises and the closeness of this Table. It is very important that you embrace the entire service and that you especially get what is going on here. 
         You are a sinner but God has forgiven you through the death and resurrection of Jesus. He identifies you with His own beloved Son. Because of that truth, He and the Son invite you to eat with them. They send you the Holy Spirit that the love of God fully dwells in you as you sit down with Him and His people to eat. This is the place of peace and assurance.

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