Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Covenant Renewal Exhortation

In our Covenant Renewal Worship Service, we have an Exhortation early in the service, right after the Call To Worship. This part of the service is to remind us not only that we are sinners, fallen from grace in Adam, but that we continue to sin in thought, word and deed. Thus, we need to continually return to that fountain of grace, for where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound. It is vital that we continue to confess and repent of our sins so that we continually receive this abundant fountain of grace.
         We are reminded of our sins, confess them and receive the Lord’s forgiveness early in our service, so that the rest of the service draws us near to God as we stand before Him fully forgiven with a holy boldness given to us by Jesus, Himself.
         So, we take a moment, recalling the ways we have sinned and especially confessing the sins of our nation and the sins of God’s people, including ourselves in those sins, so that we can rightly seek God’s grace for our nation and for our people.

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