Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boldly into the Fog

We do not know what the future holds. We look into it with some inclination of the direction that we are traveling but the future is foggy and difficult to see. We can look back at the past with much greater clarity. We look back not so that we can see forward clearly but so that we can walk forward into the fog without fear. God has directed our paths and we have come safely through the fog of future that we now call past. If we were fearful then, it was only because we could not see forward and know that God would be at every foggy place leading us through the shadows of death. But He was and we know that now.
         So, how do we go forward into more fog? Well, we still do not know the future but I hope we have come to believe that God is there and that He is beckoning us to come forward in peace, hope and joy. And to prove this to us, He calls us to sit down at His table to eat and drink and grow strong and develop keen eyes of faith so that we can go forward in hope without fear. 
        This meal is His promise to never leave or forsake us and to guide us in the way of peace. So, eat and take courage.

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