Tuesday, December 11, 2012

His Heirs at Table

Both Elizabeth and Mary believed God. They humbled themselves before the Lord that He would do with them whatever was in His mind to do. God honored these women and blessed them with the most glorious of sons.
         We come to our Lord as His humble servants. Both Elizabeth and Mary confessed to be the doulos of the Lord, His servants, quite literally His slaves. A handmaiden is simply a female slave. But God took these women, lowly of heart, and elevated them to the highest honor. Elizabeth bore the last Old Testament prophet. Mary bore the Lord Incarnate.
These women represent faithful Israel, the ones on whom the Lord rightly and justly grants all of His promised blessing. It is still all of grace but they are no longer merely servants, slaves, lowly and despised. They are raised to a new place, the truly blessed ones of the Lord. We are gathered here with them in the place of blessing. The Lord has brought us, undeserving slaves, to the place of the rightful place of godly offspring, heirs according to promise.
         You are welcome here as God’s faithful children. Rejoice in God’s goodness and peace to you.

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