Friday, December 28, 2012

Glory To God in the Highest

Today, we have looked at the angels’ declaration, Glory to God in the Highest. This was said at the Advent of our Lord, who was even then Emmanuel, God with us. Man could not accomplish this great victorious work, even though God did use men to accomplish His holy deeds. At every turn, we see that God is doing His work, being faithful to His promises, to save that which is lost.
         There is no greater glory for us than to be saved from our sins and united to God in righteousness and holiness. That is the reason that God sent His Son into the world. We celebrate that glory at Christmas but it was not fully realized until Calvary and Pentecost. But at Calvary, we again see that God receives glory in the highest, for no man could have died for all men but that One perfect man, the Lord Jesus. And so we find ourselves again simply gazing at the Lord’s work in wonder and declaring with the angels, Glory to God in the Highest.

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Cozy in Texas said...

12 Unlikely Heroes sounds like an amazing book. For me, the hero is Paul/Saul. He had such a dramatic change. God saw the zeal he had and used it for good. Paul also learned to be content. Something we all should do.