Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Free MacArthur Book, Twelve Unlikely Heroes

Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of John MacArthur's new book, Twelve Unlikely Heroes, to review and make a blog post. I have done that. They also sent me six copies to give away on my blog.

Three are gone, to Rick and Jonathan and Gene. I need your addresses Gene and Jonathan! I have three more to go and since the responses are so few, it goes to the first three that respond. Still make it good, though!!!

You can make comments here: http://vhurt.blogspot.com/

I would like to make a bit of a contest out of it. It's easy.

In a one paragraph comment, tell us who you think the most unlikely hero of the Bible is and why.

It cannot be a hero that MacArthur has already listed, see my previous post. I'll pick the top six based upon the unlikeliness of their hero status compared to the ultimate level of that status. Murky? Got it?

I'll need your name and address in order to mail you the book.You can send your name and address to virgilhurt@gmail.com

Good luck.


Gene Helsel said...

The slave girl who told Naaman where to find divine healing. The girl was a wonderful picture of how God uses the weak and despised to do His work; of grace; and of how to speak truth to power.

Virgil Hurt said...


Excellent! I had to look up the story to remember her. But she is a faithful and unlikely hero. A book for Gene. email me your address and I'll send the book!


Jonathan Meyer said...

Nicodemus – Had anything good ever come out of the ruling council?

With Paul (another Pharisee), it took being knocked to the ground by a blinding light. But a gentle word from the Savior brought life and radical change to the heart of this man.

Despite his comfortable, respectable life, he openly followed Jesus. Publicly embracing the dead Saviors body in his humiliation when his other manly disciples had scattered shows a hero living in the fear of God – not of man. In a world where the rich and respectable have a hard time coming, he stands out.

Jonathan Meyer