Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Newly Resolved

For the three of you who regularly visit this site. Thank you! I've got news for you. I'm making a sort of New Year's resolution. As I am not very good at that sort of thing, I suppose the result will be disastrous. However, since there are only three of you who read this blog, then the disaster will be fairly well contained.

Here's the New Year's resolution. I plan to actually make posts on this blog. Go figure. Part of my reluctance to blog much is that I am not certain that I have much to contribute to the Great Conversation. However, I am old enough, now, pert near 42, that I am now under the delusion, that having made it to 42, almost, that THAT fact qualifies me as a contributor.

Don't you remember how your grandpa figured that he qualified for the very same reason? But when you were fifteen or sixteen, it seemed a ludicrous qualification. You didn't have time to listen to grandpa and didn't really care to. But when you are 42, like I almost am, and Grandpa has long since passed on to meet his Maker, the wisdom of age seems a bitter loss. If I could only listen to him NOW.

So, styling myself a grandpa wanna be, and in a sincere effort to raise my blog readership to 4, I intend on posting regular entries. At least two per week.

Quick, go tell your friend!

1 comment:

Rebecca Hurt said...

I am so glad you are now posting!
I did used to check to see if you ever posted...sometimes.
But now I shall check regularly.
Wow! You are already up to 4!
Who knows to what great heights this blog may reach?
Oh, was I already one of the three?

Your daughter, Rebecca