Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Calvin Said It

Yesterday, after school, Calvin, Rick Davis, and myself were sitting in my office prior to heading home. Calvin got to go to school today because he has now finished over one hundred pages of Alpha Phonics. Usually, he is just a Friday boy but some weeks, when he finishes another twenty-five pages, he gets to be a Monday and a Friday boy. So, Monday boy is gazing at my books. I've got a few, not expansive. The office is largeish and most of two walls are taken up with my books. I suppose to a five year old, it looks like a library.

Calvin starts off the conversation with Mr. Davis.

"Dad has a lot of books."

"Ya, he sure does."

"When Dad dies, I'm going to take over."


Covenant Succession.

Just hope there are no thoughts towards my early retirement.


Rebecca Hurt said...

Oh dear.
That is so hyseterical.
Better watch that kid.

katie said...

That kid is ambitious. I'm glad he wants to take after his Dad. He will do well. Love, Calvin's Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's being taught well, for he is taking over.