Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Faces of Christianity-Philip Jenkins

More Jenkins Quotes

"Between 1900 and 2000, the number of Christians in Africa grew from 10 million to over 360 million, from 10% of the population to 46%."

"By 2050, we can predict, there should be around 3 Billion Christians in the world, of whom only around one fifth or fewer will be non-hispanic whites."

Quoting African belief in the integrity of Scripture, "We do not have the same problem about the Bible as white people have with their scientific mentality."

"Only in the 1960's did Bible reading acquire its exalted status among Latin America's lay Catholics, while the massive growth of Protestant and Pentecostal communities begins in the same era. Today, though, Latin American nations-above all, Brazil-are among the world's greatest producers and consumers of Bibles."

One more on the supreme place of the Bible in these cultures. "As in the first Christendom of medieval Europe, the shift from orality to literacy gives an enormous symbolic power to the written text, to the Book, which in many cases might be the only book in a given household. In much of modern Africa, even many pastors might not own any books except a Bible."

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