Monday, April 17, 2017

Resurrection Life

We are not simply waiting to go to heaven. We are waiting to go to heaven. There is real joy in longing for the day when we will no longer struggle in our fallen mortal bodies. I look forward to that day and so should you. But we are not merely waiting to go to heaven.
         To some degree, heaven has already begun for us. You, who love the Lord Jesus, have already entered heaven. This heaven is not yet perfect. Jesus has defeated sin and death but He has not yet utterly banished them and condemned them to hell. That day awaits us.

         But we are sitting here, right now, in the Resurrection Life. Jesus has ushered us into eternity. We are seated in this room with saints who will live forever and whose forever life is already begun. This is a taste of our final heaven. It is good, very good and will only get better and better until that day when it is perfected in the Final Resurrection. Welcome to Resurrection Life.

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