Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New and Old Sins

The Bible tells us not to grow weary in doing good. This is related to doing good works for others. We need to keep on doing this even when we grow tired or bored.
         Another area where we must not grow weary in doing good is confessing our sins. Some sins are the same old sins for which we have confessed a hundred times, a thousand times, maybe a hundred thousand times: covetousness, envy, lust, gossip, anger, discontentment, critical speech. But do not grow weary in that fight. Keep fighting those enemies. Keep confessing those sins, even another hundred thousand times.

         Sometimes, we are faced with new temptations or sins we had not anticipated. We are drawn in or caught and find ourselves faced with new struggles at age thirty, or forty, or fifty or sixty, sins that we may not have dealt with earlier in life. Bitterness, complaining, grumbling, poor reactions to disappointments related to family members, or simply just facing different temptations as you age. Confess these, too. The Lord loves a humble suppliant. He gladly grants forgiveness. So, do not retain sins, old ones or new ones. Confess them to the Lord, receive forgiveness and walk in newness of life.

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