Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little Ones at the Table

Are you small? Small enough to eat bread and drink wine? That might sound backwards to you but it’s not. We receive little ones to our Table and think we have biblical grounds to do so. How do little children eat the bread and wine? They do so eagerly and without a doubt that Jesus told us to do this and to partake of His Spirit by grace through faith.
         But as you grow, doubts can grow. As you grow, disappointments can mount. As you grow, your reason can get in the way of your faith. And what is worse, those disappointments and doubts, those reasons against the simplicity of faith, seem to make sense to you. But not to a little child. If parents say to a three year old that this is the body and blood of Jesus, who died and rose for you, a little child just says, “Okay,” And eats. “If you say so mommy.”

         Are you small enough to eat this bread and drink this wine? Do you believe Your Father in Heaven with explicit, easy and simple faith? Do you lay hold of Jesus Christ in this meal? If not, then you’ve got to get small. Do so now as we eat and drink.

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