Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Voice From Heaven

When the disciples heard the voice from heaven they were afraid. When they looked up they only saw Jesus and He told them not to be afraid. 

So, we are gathered here in the presence of God. His Spirit is here in power. The power is so strong that we might be afraid. If we were sitting here in our own names we would even have reason to be afraid. But when we think about the frightening prospect of being in the presence of God, the Father, we turn and look and only see Jesus.

He is the one that came to save us from our sins. He bids us to not fear the Father, for any friends of Jesus are also friends of His Father. Have you heard the voice from Heaven that says Jesus is the Son of God? Do you know that the Father is pleased in Jesus and His friends?

Believe. Do not be afraid. Come to His Table and Welcome.

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