Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Ending

Our service culminates in Communion. It is the high point of our service. The point of God’s kindness to us in Jesus Christ is to bring us near. And it is a happy ending to our Sunday Worship.

We have talked about the sacrificial system. It was not meant to keep the people of God away from God. It showed the necessity of sacrifice in order to bring God’s people near. However, the blood of bulls and goats could never take away sins. They had to continually sacrifice in order to draw near to God. Of course, it was their faith in God’s kindness to them that was reckoned as righteousness.
But the blood was necessary. 

All are guilty of death and somebody has to pay. Unfortunately, no one was found worthy to pay that price until Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Only in His shed blood was there a full expiation of the bloodguilt.

Now, God’s people are washed clean. Now, their sins are paid in full. Now, they are welcome in His presence. The perfect sacrifice has come and has died once for all. There is no further need to shed blood. We are washed in the blood, dressed in wedding attire, seated at the Lord’s banquet and welcome forever in His presence. That’s a happy ending.

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