Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Forgiveness as True as Sin

We get our sinfulness. Our sins cry out before us. And if they don’t, and we need a reminder, we don’t have to work very hard to convince ourselves we still do sin and need forgiveness. A little introspection reveals sinful thoughts, words and actions.
But it is a bit more difficult to lay hold of the fact of our forgiveness. This must be taken on faith. Sometimes we feel forgiven and sometimes we don’t. We may think God forgives like men who struggle to not hold your sins against you.
But God’s forgiveness is as true as sin. He really does grant full, free and lasting forgiveness. He really does look upon you as He looks upon His only Son. He really does choose to not remember your sins against you. He looks upon you as one in whom He is well pleased.

Hear Him. Believe Him. Believe me when I declare that the penitent sinner is a forgiven sinner. Stand up, breath the healthy air of forgiveness in Jesus and be at peace. Amen.

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