Monday, January 11, 2016

Start Clean

Today, I will walk us through our liturgy. It is important that we understand why we do what we do. We start our service with a Call to Worship and then proceed directly to Confession of Sin.

Why is this? Because we want to start clean. We come into God’s presence but immediately are confronted with God’s holiness and our own sinfulness. This is a scary situation. Something has to go. Either God has to leave us or we have to shrink away in fear or He has to transform us from fear to boldness.

Thank God for Jesus. In Him, God calls us out of darkness and into His light. He pronounces us clean in His presence through the shed blood of Jesus. He bids us to attend to Him boldly without fear of condemnation and judgment. We are justified in Christ and reckoned as righteous in His eyes.

This is why it is so important to confess sins and seek forgiveness from God. He accomplished our forgiveness on the cross. However, we still sin and are therefore required to regularly confess our sins so that we have confidence of His forgiveness and bold access to our Lord. It is a new year and a new day. Confess your sins. Start clean.

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