Friday, July 18, 2014

Spirit Filled Church

We have heard from the Lord about rekindling love for Jesus, for His Word, for His people, for His Church. This is all represented to us at this Table, the Table of Thanksgiving. He told us to repent and do the first works. Much of what we do at the beginning of our walk with Christ is to simply thank Him in awe at His great love for us, to die for us, to deliver us from sin and death, to lead us in His Holy Spirit, to bring us to the Father without fear.
         And so here is a great place to rekindle love, devotion and zeal for the Lord. Are you thankful? Are you in awe at the Lord’s goodness to you? Are you pleased to be at peace with God and His people? Are you glad to be welcome to God’s dining table and to be filled up with Jesus by the Holy Spirit?
         This is love that One would lay down His life for His friends. We are the friends of Christ. Then, let us love the One who revealed His great love for us. Amen. 

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