Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disobedience and Death

In today’s sermon, we see that Saul’s end was judgment and death. And when he finally went down, it was not just Saul. He took his sons with him. The judgment had larger consequences. Additionally, the Israelites in the area abandoned their cities and also fled and the enemies of God gloated.
If you think your sin is your own, if you think your sin does not have far reaching consequences, you are simply kidding yourself. This is especially true if you are one in any authority, a mother, a father, a deacon, an elder, the pastor. The trajectory of continual, unrepented disobedience is judgement and death. 
         This is a good reason to confess your sin to God now, turn away from it, seek accountability, stop going that direction. Start to receive God’s blessing through obedience so that you do not end up as an enemy of God through disobedience.

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