Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Covenant Renewal with God's People

It is important that we renew our covenant vows each week both with the Lord and with His people, the people that we call the Church and the people in this room that we call the local Church.
         In serving the Triune God, we come to know unity in diversity. And in serving the body of Christ, we come to experience this unity in diversity in tangible ways. It is good that we are not all the same. If we were, we could not adequately image the Godhead. But it is also good that we strive for unity, loving each other because Christ has first loved us. In this, there is no room for spiritual competition, seeking to get ahead in Christ’s kingdom, to better our brothers and sisters in Christ.
         The differences that we have are part of the glory that God is revealing in the world, like the differences between a husband and wife that reveal a glorious marriage knit together by Jesus. This takes work and it takes the presence of the Holy Spirit. So, let us rejoice in each one and the fact that God requires me and you to love them and be at peace with them now and always, in Christ.

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