Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Providence

As I mentioned last week, understanding the doctrine of God’s Sovereignty over all things, or at least accepting it as a fact, is a central key in finding peace with God and peace with your brothers. Ongoing anger, bitterness and resentment are all sinful responses to the reality of God’s Providence.
         It is true that we have to deal with the various difficulties that life brings us. But when we say it that way, it does not take us long to come to the conclusion that life bringing us something is about the same as chance bringing us something. Life, in the abstract, does not bring us anything. But, our God, who is our life, does bring us circumstances. And He is a good God and a loving heavenly Father. It is sometimes easier to think that life or chance brought us a bad deal than to think that God brought it. Or maybe better said, that God sent it. The difficulty may actually be brought by some sinful deliverer but God, who is over all, is the One who directs and guides all things. Since He is all powerful, He can always prevent any evil from coming our way. But the fact is that He does not do so. We have to deal with this straight up with a stout heart. And in this dealing, learn that God is watching over us for good and then try to find it in every circumstance. The best way to do this is through thankfulness to God for His watchcare over us.
         So, if there is anger, resentment or bitterness still lurking for your lot in life, the Providence that God has delivered to you, it is time to confess your unrest and find rest for your soul.

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