Friday, November 23, 2012

Free MacArthur Book Contest!!!

Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of John MacArthur's new book, Twelve Unlikely Heroes, to review and make a blog post. I have done that. They also sent me six copies to give away on my blog.

One is  gone. Good job Rick Davis. Still have five to give away.

You can make comments here:

I would like to make a bit of a contest out of it. It's easy.

In a one paragraph comment, tell us who you think the most unlikely hero of the Bible is and why.

It cannot be a hero that MacArthur has already listed, see my previous post. I'll pick the top six based upon the unlikeliness of their hero status compared to the ultimate level of that status. Murky? Got it?

I'll need your name and address in order to mail you the book.

Good luck.


Rick said...
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Rick said...

Most of the great heroes of the Bible are part of God’s covenant people. When a wicked king enslaves God’s people, God raises up a Moses, or Ehud, or Samson, or Gideon to free His people from captivity. However, there is one great exception to this pattern, Cyrus of Persia. Cyrus is the exception in that he is not only not one of God’s covenant people, but is in fact the leader of the greatest pagan empire in the world at the time. Cyrus is the only non-Jew in the Bible who is called the Lord’s shepherd (Isaiah 44:28) and the Lord’s messiah (Isaiah 45:1) Being a pagan king who is also a clear type of Christ makes Cyrus the Great the most unlikely hero in the Bible.