Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lower Seats

The disciples of our Lord talked about who was the greatest among them. When Jesus found out, He rebuked them. They were vying for position in the Kingdom of God but Jesus told them about and showed them a more excellent way. Those who vie for position in the Kingdom of God will always be asked to move down into the less honorable seats but those who seek to honor their brothers by sitting in the lower seats will always be asked to move up into the place of honor.
         When it finally dawned on the disciples that Jesus died for them, for their sins, to save them from judgment, I have no doubt that they felt a great remorse for their efforts to get ahead of one another.  As we commemorate the death of Jesus for us, for our sins, to save us from judgment, we must also feel remorse at our attempts to vie with our brothers. Like Jesus, let us serve one another and rejoice in His goodness to each one called by the name of disciple of Jesus.

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