Thursday, August 04, 2011

Exhortation- Love is the Thing

We are learning about God’s Covenant with His people. The main thing we should remember is that at the center of the Covenant is a love relationship. This is true of the persons in the Godhead. The Father, Son and Spirit love one another and are completely unified. Even when the Son is required to submit to the Father, the love relationship remains intact. The Son loves to submit to the Father and the Father’s commands are giving in love to the Son.

So, we must learn to rule in love as well as submit in love. This sort of understanding leaves no room for tyranny and it leaves no room for a grudging submission. Parents, husbands, employers use real authority but it is an authority that is wielded in love. Children, wives, and employees submit but their submission, as long as it can be fully given without sin, is given wholeheartedly and without envy or any root of bitterness.

To the extent that our ruling is done in a heavy handed and tyrannical way,we must confess our sin. To the extent that our submission is done grudgingly, we must confess our sins. We must learn to both rule and submit in love.

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