Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Communion Meditation- Tree of Life

This morning we have looked into the Fall of mankind. Man, who was in communion with God, fell out of favor with Him and were driven out of His paradise. But God did not leave man in a state of misery. Even in the beginning, God was gracious and merciful. He received the sacrifice of Abel but his brother’s deeds were evil.

And so God gives us promises, even in the midst of miseries, lost hopes, lost kinship, lost close fellowship. He holds out hope to us that He will hear us, receive us, bless us and dwell with us forever.

Of course, we realize all of this in the person of Jesus Christ. God came down to us and restored mankind to His favor forever. All those who cling to Jesus have returned to God’s garden and are encouraged to close communion and now to eat of the tree of life and live forever.

Our tree of life is Jesus, Himself, and His Spirit that dwells with us always.

By faith, take and eat and drink of Him and live.

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