Friday, August 26, 2011

Communion Meditation-One Mind

As God remakes the world through Jesus Christ, one of the results that we should be aware of is the unification of His people. It seems that we have only got along a short distance on this great requirement.

But we should not despair. In Christ and in Christ’s Church, we see the unification of every tribe and tongue and language.

The world continues to vainly attempt to bring together various peoples from multiple cultures. Their vain attempts always blow up in their faces. Without Christ it is impossible to unify divided man.

But in Christ, mankind is made one body. We are brought together as one. We ARE unified in Jesus. Now, it is true that it does not always look like that. There are factions, members of Christ causing discord and disunity. But Jesus does not leave us alone. He continues to wash us in His Word, teach us His ways and lead us to the place where we lay down our way and take up His. And once we have all taken up the way of Christ, doing, saying and living as Jesus requires of us, then the reality of our unity in Him will be manifest to the world.

This meal is part of what makes us one. Believe Jesus. Learn His ways. Eat and drink of Him and thus be of one mind.

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