Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeschool Music-Right Priorities

Players: Mom (44), Dad (43), Anna (14), Calvin (7) and various other chllins who are unimportant to this particular interchange.

Setting-Around the dinner table.

Anna: humming some catchy popular song.

Calvin: Anna, you're more public shool than homeschool.

Anna: Huh?

Mom: Calvin, that's not very nice. That's not true. Say you're....

Calvin: Well, it's true.

Dad: What do you mean, Calvin?

Calvin: Well, she is.

Dad: Why do you think she's more public school than homeschool?

Calvin: Cause she listens to pop.

Dad: Oh, I see, you think public school kids are the ones who listen to pop?

Calvin: Well, they are. And Anna listens to pop so she's public school.

Dad: Well, what do homeschool kids listen to?

Calvin: Rock!

1 comment:

richard said...

Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock, Calvin!

:throws the horns: