Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Case for Covenant Communion- Gregg Strawbridge- Editor

If you are a PCA elder or minister, (or other Presby denom. that won't give bread to the children), then I highly discourage you from reading this book. It will result in a great deal of misery for you. You will most likely be convinced of both the historical and biblical positions of paedocommunion. Thus, you will be hard pressed to continue in your current ecclesiastical role. Either you will remain in your anti-paedo church with very little hap, or you will be forced to undergo an historic migration. It seems to me that either condition is highly unfavorable to your ongoing future hap. So, best remain ignorant and happy. Really, I am being honest. Don't read this book. You'll really regret it. Unfortunate chains of events are usually started by seemingly innocuous beginnings. Don't order this book.

As regards the book itself. I find it to be a very high quality defense of the historic and biblical practice of paedocommunion. All the articles are well-done and they run the gammut from accessible to scholarly. Robert Rayburn's appendix is on covenant succession and as such, is more directly aimed as a defense of paedobaptism. However, the article is so masterfully crafted, it serves as a thorough defense of both paedobaptism and paedocommunion. It is simply outstanding and ought to be read regularly be every Presbyterian minister.

Kudos to Dr. Strawbridge for putting together such a fine book. I suggest you offer free books to every non-paedocommunion elder or pastor who is willing to read the entire book and write a critical review of it. I'm serious about that, too. Perhaps you could find a donor who would be willing to financially back such a challenge?

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