Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reformed? or Reformer?

Peter Leithart makes a great point about the current Federal Vision controversies. Leithart says that this debate is creating an identity crisis for Presbyterians, particularly the OPC and PCA.

Another issue that is at stake in all of this is the very nature of reformation. The church is to continue reforming. Reformation was not a once for all-time event. It is necessary that we children of the Reformation do not see ourselves as heirs of a great house that we must struggle to keep up. There is some truth in that. But God requires that we build a house, not just live in one. We must continue to grow individually and corporately.

Of course, any work that truly tears down the house ought to be rejected. We are to build not tear down. But if mistakes have been made, then perhaps parts of the house must be dismantled and refurbished. Besides that, other aspects of the house just are not built yet. We must not be afraid to fix that which is broken or to build upon that which is foundational. Whether they be Confessions, Catechisms, or Ecclesiastical Structures.

Are we Reformed? Or Reforming?

A friend of mine embraced many of our Reformed views after many years of being a Christian. One day, he told me that he was now a 'Reformer.' At the time, I smiled to myself, bemused. He didn't quite understand the nomenclature. We are used to hearing people say, "Well, I give up, now I'm Reformed." But that is wrong and my friend was right.

What are you? Reformed or Reformer?

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