Sunday, February 18, 2007

Communion Meditation-Partial Sight

We see partially. Our vision is not fully fixed. Although we were blind, now we see. We have seen Jesus as our Redeemer by faith. When we are told that God has made a way for us into the holy of holies, we look past our sins that block the way and see Jesus beckoning us in as friends. We make our way past the rumblings and threatening of the wrath of God and up to the mercy seat of Jesus. When we arrive there, we see that Jesus has brought the show bread and the blood of the offering. He wants us to eat and drink it. We recoil at the idea but He reassures us that the show bread can be eaten and the blood has been redeemed with good wine made to be drunk by all the saints.

We are surprised to be in this holy place and eating such holy food. We cannot take it all in and cannot comprehend all the various meanings of all the rituals and furniture of the holy place.

Nor, can we see all the benefits of being in such a place. We are like high priests here, who could only enter once a year, but we get to enter every week. We are like king David, eating the shewbread but this is no exception to the rule but the exception has become the rule. We are like the prophets of Old, hearing the very words of God, not occasionally, when the Spirit moves, but every week, words of promise fulfilled. And all without the danger of being harmed by God because of our sinfulness, because we are here with Jesus, at the mercy seat, eating and drinking the peace offering with God. We have become prophet, priests and kings because we partake of the righteousness of God which is Jesus Christ.

So, we understand in part. We have to have faith for the rest. But we see Jesus. We see the bread and the wine. So, we eat and are thankful and we pray that Jesus will touch us again and help us to see more each time that we come into this holy room.

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