Monday, July 03, 2017

Mock Fear

Mockers should fear. Mocking almost always comes back to haunt. Mockery is a very dangerous tool. It is akin to a taunt of ridicule. Goliath mocked at David and David taunted back. It is safe to say that  Goliath lost his head in mockery.
         When men, women, or children mock, there is a price to pay. Often, the mockery is misplaced, and therefore, God keeps count in His Divine Justice ledger. Such evil will return upon one’s head. And thus, God, Himself, gets the last laugh, as He holds such men in derision.
         The other kind of mockery, like David’s, is a scorn at the inability of the enemies of God to assail His kingdom or people. We boast only in the power and glory of the Lord and laugh to scorn all those who think they can raise a banner against our omnipotent God.

         Let any mockery of God or His lawful authorities, or at His works in the world, not even be named among us. If we have scorned the power of the Lord, even laughing in unbelief, as Sarah did, let us confess our sins and repent, asking the Lord’s forgiveness.

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