Monday, July 03, 2017

Close to Paradise

Today, we are gathered here in the presence of the Lord. It is not the paradise of God where Jesus went after His death and where the thief on the cross joined Him. But it is not far from there. We are seated with Jesus here at a Table but we are also seated with Christ in the Heavenly places.
         It is fitting that we are fed spiritual food because we are spiritual beings, in a spiritual place, serving our Lord, who has a spiritual body. Spiritual does not mean non-physical. Look at the bread. Look at the wine. God presents His Spirit to You in these elements. Do you believe that Jesus died for you sins? Do you believe that He rose for Your justification?

Then, this bread and this wine in His promise to you that you belong to Him and that He is in you. When we look to Him in faith and partake of this meal in faith, He grants us spiritual food and drink. We are made strong and our hunger and thirst for righteousness is satiated in Jesus Christ.

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