Monday, May 26, 2014

Least and Greatest

It is a joy to gather here at the end of our service to eat and drink with the God. Jesus has spoiled the enemies of the gospel and He now shares the benefits. Just at the point of their rejoicing over His defeat and death on the cross, He was openly making a show of them, defeating them by that same cross. They killed Him but death could not hold Him for more than three days.
         He is alive and has ascended the throne. He is a king and gift giver. He sent His Spirit and calls all men everywhere to repent, believe the good news of Jesus, come to the wedding feast, sit down and eat in peace with God and men.

         He calls the greatest and the least, the mighty and the weak, the warriors and those who protect the baggage, parents and children, young and old, for the promise is to you and your children, to those far and near. Come, eat, drink, receive the gifts of God.

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