Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Merciful Lord

It is true that the Lord is merciful. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive sins. It is a lie about the character of God if we retain our sins and refuse to confess them to Him, if we think that He will somehow not forgive us our sins.
         It is also true that if you fail to confess your sins, you will systematically harden your heart, deceiving yourself that you have no sins to confess. Your heart will grow hard and the Lord, who is gracious and kind and quick to forgive, will not grant you that provision of forgiveness and freedom from sin. Even the saints of God can grieve the Holy Spirit through sins if they will not come to the throne of grace. It is a throne of grace, abundant grace, but only to those who lay down their sins at the foot of the cross.
Your secret sins will find you out. This is a proverb worth noting. It is better to confess and be forgiven than to retain sins and have them held against you. The Lord is merciful and just to forgive sins. Let us all confess, especially those secret sins we are nursing along, so that the Lord can kill them once and for all.

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