Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Holy Loaves

King David ate five holy loaves. The Lord Jesus fed five thousand with five holy loaves. And Jesus now feeds us with holy loaves. The bread is bread. On its own, it has no magical power. But the Lord Jesus has consecrated the loaves. He has pronounced a blessing to those who eat in faith, trusting Him for resurrection, rescue and salvation. The loaves provided David and a few men a time of refreshing, a way to escape the clutches of His enemies. Jesus fed the five thousand in a desert place. They came to hear Jesus and they were all filled.
         Now the Lord has seated us in His presence. He has provided the means of grace for us, the forgiveness of sins through the foolishness of the cross. But to us who are being saved, the cross is the power of God. The power of God, the bread of life, the Lord Jesus, Himself, is here offered to you. It is not merely an offering of bread but of Jesus, Himself, Christ crucified for sinners.
Let us eat in faith, as we honestly approach the Lord, believing Jesus for blessing as He covers our sins with His own precious blood. In this way, by faith in Jesus, we are saved by the Holy Loaves.

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