Thursday, September 05, 2013

kings of the Earth

It just so happens that we are on 1 Samuel 8 this week. What happens when you want any king but Jesus? That king will extend his power as far into the heavens, as possible. This will ultimately restrict our freedoms as the king usurps the role of God.

Americanism seeks to replace Jesus with Uncle Sam and it should not surprise us that Sam likes that role very much, thank you, and will not easily relinquish it. You can read about the sorts of things that he is prone to do in 1 Samuel 8. Nothing new under the sun.

The rule of Jesus is not like this. When we submit to Him as our Supreme Authority, He grants freedom from sin and freedom to liberty. Liberty without regeneration is lasciviousness or legalism. But in the regeneration, life in Christ is liberty to do that which is good without the force of outward control. The glory that is the State demands compliance or else. The glory that is in Jesus, creates compliance with the law of God because that law (read Spirit) flows from the regenerate heart of man.

I know that fallen man, even regenerated fallen man, is not able to perfectly fulfill the law of God. There is still a need for abundant and continual grace. If it were not so, then we would be perfect already but that is yet future, in the consummation of all things at the Resurrection from the dead.

Jesus is already there. His body is raised never to die, just as ours will be. Furthermore, the perfected Jesus will raise us as He is, unable to die and unable to sin. There is glory now, and now after, but even more after that!

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