Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sweet Smelling Savor

It is our desire to grow up into Christ. We desire to be strong so that we can love God and resist sin. In order for this to happen we have to be In Christ. His Spirit must dwell in us so that we are enabled to do that which pleases the Lord. From this perspective, when we please the Lord, we are upright and blameless. If we have become the perfect sacrifice, along with Christ, we know that God, the Father, receives us as a sweet smelling savor.
         This meal points to that great truth. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice and He was broken and presented to the Father and ascended up into Heaven. We have ascended with Him. This meal is Christ giving Himself for and to us. We are in Him and He is in us.  And thus, we become that perfect sacrifice that also pleasingly ascends to the Father. This all happens by God’s grace through faith. We trust in God’s promises and He fulfills them in our lives. Thus, we become the blessed children of God and He grants us His Spirit to carry out His acts in the world. So, let us eat and drink, giving thanks to God for making us one with Him and with one another in Jesus.

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