Sunday, February 17, 2013

Growing in Love

As we grow in the Spirit, we will grow in love towards God and towards our neighbor. At this table, we see both aspects of love amply displayed before us. God so loved us that He sent His only Son to die for us. Thus, we respond to Him in love, a love that expresses our thankful hearts and a desire to do His will.
         We also have the blessing of seeing all those that the Lord has forgiven gathered together to praise His name. Each one of us is filled with praise and thanksgiving and as a body we raise our hearts and voices to the Lord as the redeemed people of God.
As we look around, we see people at every stage of life; some older in the faith, some merely babies. Just as we desire the mature believers to be patient with us as we grow up in Christ, we look at the babies with love and patience as we wait for them to grow into the full love and glory of Jesus. And we are humbled to know that these babies always get to teach us what a beautiful and simple faith looks like. Thus, our love for God and one another is revealed and grows right here at this wonderful Table of Thanksgiving.

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