Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wise Sisters

Today we hearing from the Scriptures again about sisters and making some specific applications to our sisters at Providence Church. Some of you have a tender conscience and will assume I am aiming my words directly at you. But if you think this, you will be mistaken. If what I say today really does apply to you, then by all means, hear the Spirit and seek to walk in the Spirit. But some of what I say today has to do with wisdom, judgment calls, and are not the sorts of things we can apply cart blanche to everybody. That was the point in thinking about the differences of Mary and Martha. I may be able to guess if you are more like Mary or Martha but there is at least a little bit of both of them in every one of you sisters, as well as you brothers.
         In the specific Providence Church lady activities I will discuss today in the sermon, I want you to think about them, pray about them and talk to your husband about them before you make any big changes. These are wisdom issues and need to be applied differently in every home
         For now, sisters and brothers, if you have known sins against a sister, if you are harboring anger, jealousy or envy, if you spend your time comparing yourself to others, either to keep yourself ahead or to wear yourself down, then now is the time to let that go, confess and repent so that you can get the log out of your own eye to see clear enough to apply wisdom in the other areas of your life.

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