Friday, April 27, 2012

A Virgin at Table

The ultimate goal of these sermons on Father, Mother, Husband and Wife is unity. As we learn to be like Christ and His Church, then the Lord grants us peace and unity.
         As we partake of Communion, we are learning that Christ has given Himself up fully for the sake of the Bride. Because of this, the bride is washed in the Word, cleansed and presented to Jesus as a chaste virgin. She is restored to her former glory and receives the most glorious husband she could even have hoped for. In fact, in her defilement, she would never have even conceived that she could receive such a husband.
         But because Jesus loved her and gave himself for her, she has been made new, a fitting wife for such a husband, in Him, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
         Let us rejoice in this precious gift to us, we have received Christ our bridegroom and He has received us a chaste virgin, a fitting bride for such a glorious husband.

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