Friday, April 13, 2012

Communion- Risen in Jesus!

Christ is Risen and thus, we are risen with Him. The life that the Father gave to Jesus, He also gives to us in Jesus. We are crucified with Christ and our sins nailed to the cross. We entered into the grave with Him and were raised to life with Jesus. We have not yet received the Resurrection of the body. That is still a future promise for us but we have entered into eternal life and the Father has given us the Holy Spirit as the promise that He will raise our mortal bodies to immortality.
         So, we eat and drink the body and blood of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ, who was delivered up for our transgressions.  But we also eat and drink the body and blood of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, who was raised for our justification. For you who believe in Jesus the Christ, there is no condemnation. You are freely and fully justified by the Resurrection from the dead and are therefore recipients of God’s promise to be raised from the dead, never to die again.
         He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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