Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Exhortation- Believe

The only way to fail to receive God’s blessings here and now in the world to come is through unbelief.  This is the great and ultimate sin. For those who believe God and continue to believe God all the promises of God in Christ are yea and amen!
          But for those who fail to enter into God’s promises through unbelief, shall in the end be cut off from God.  They shall be assigned a place with unbelievers, that utterly outside of God’s covenant, God’s promises.
          So, what is belief? What is faith? Shall we always be questioning whether we are in, or not? Shall we wonder if we believe enough?
          No, don’t start down that path, for even belief as small as a hard to see grain of mustard seed is enough faith to move mountains.
          The issue is not how much faith you have but how faithful God is. Do you believe that? Do you believe that He is able to save you from your sins? Do you believe that He is able to save your children? And theirs?
          Not only this but do you believe that He is willing to do so? And not based upon any merit that you have to bring to Him. It is not based upon your goodness but upon the goodness of God in Jesus Christ.  Do you believe that?
          If you do, then you are a child of promise, having entered in through faith, like Abraham. Rest assured.
          But if you are unsure, weak of faith, wavering in faith, or in need of God’s assurance, as we all are, I can only speak to you of God’s promise. We are all in the same bout, driven and tossed by the sea. Cast your cares, hopes, sins, dreams, doubts, lives and children upon Jesus Christ, and you will not be disappointed. God’s promises are for you and for your children. Do not doubt, but believe.

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