Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Communion Meditation- Believe

This meal is for all who believe. Each of us comes to God in faith believing what God has done for us through Jesus Christ; His death, burial, resurrection and reign.  Thus, we know that God is faithful and we can stand before Him through our faithful High Priest, Jesus. 

But we do not come here only as individuals. This meal is a public meal. It is a wedding feast for the Prince of Peace. He has called a bride to Himself and we all partake of the meal, the bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus, as the people of God. So, we come not only as individuals but as the collected body of believers.  

Furthermore, the body is collected together not merely of individuals.  God’s people come from families and the promises of God are spoken to families. Each member of the family partakes in the blessings of God by grace through faith. But God’s promises also flow downhill. God makes promises to us and to our children and all who are far off who are now brought near by the blood of Jesus, and to their children, forever. This is all according to God’s promise to all them that believe. 

We are exhorted to look at these elements, the bread and wine, to remember what God has done in Jesus and to believe that God will keep His promises to us and to our children. Amen!

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