Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exhortation- Confessing Sins

     It is our duty to confess our sins. We do this formally every week here in our worship service. That is good and we should use this time as another gracious opportunity from our Lord to come before Him and be honest with Him expecting Him to be the gracious Father that He is. When we do this, honestly, we are never disappointed.
          However, this time of confession and forgiveness can be merely an external form of worship that is participated in without honesty and faith, if we are not paying attention. We should be practiced at asking forgiveness of God and others so that when we come to this time in the worship service, it is easier for us to humble ourselves before the Lord.
          When was the last time you honestly and sincerely confessed particular sins to God? I hope the answer is not more than a few days. When was the last time you asked your wife, husband, children, parents or a friend to forgive you for a real particular sin that you committed against them.  I hope you have recently been so humble.
          So, let us come to Jesus and be honest that we need His forgiveness for real sins, some we have committed this very week, last night, or even this morning.

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