Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Communion- God remembers

God is gracious to us.  He is a covenant making and covenant keeping God. He does not forget His promises to us. We can take great comfort in this truth.  When it rains, we see God’s great commitment to us in the cloud. We should encourage ourselves that God, Himself, is looking at His token in the sky, the glorious rainbow, and He is remembering to keep His promises to His people.  He extends grace and He reminds Himself to extend grace.  He knows we need it.
This meal is another, if not the main token of God’s graciousness towards us.  We show these tokens, the body and blood of Jesus. We show them to one another so we remember what God has done for us. We also show them to the Father, so that He remembers what Jesus has done for us and that He is our God and that we are His people. Thus, we can know that God remembers and keeps His promises to save us through the body and blood of Jesus.

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