Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Exhortation

What a great and glorious day! The Lord is risen, indeed! On this joyous day it is almost difficult for us to abase ourselves and confess our sins so great is our joy. The gloom of the dark Friday and Saturday is over and we come into His presence with singing and great joy. But we must also remember that the Lord Jesus died for sinners and rose again to bring them to life.

Our great sin this day would be failing to believe that the Lord Jesus is really alive and that we are really alive in Him. Do not be subject again to the ordinances of men that have no power to overcome the flesh. Rather, walk in the new life and power of Jesus Christ.

Are you overcome? Are you sad? Are you defeated? Are you gloomy? Are you of ill health? Are you of little hope? Are you weak of faith?

Our Lord suffered for all of these frailties and He rose to give you victory over them all. Be not unbelieving but peer into the empty tomb and believe.

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