Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Communion Meditation

Dear Saints, what a day to partake of Jesus. Do not doubt but believe. The Lord is risen and sin and death will never be the same. They are liars from the beginning like their father, the devil. But their usurped power and authority have been gutted of their boasts. Sin cannot control us now. Death cannot defeat us now. Our elder brother has arrived on the scene and the bullies of darkness have been driven to the brink of utter defeat.

We are partakers of this life, now, through the Resurrection of Jesus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is grand and glorious but it is going to get even better. Jesus is the first fruits of the Resurrection. He is alive in Heaven with the Father and is no longer subject to death. One day, we, too will receive Resurrected bodies, never to die again, and then we will be able to heartily laugh at sin and death, for they will be no more.

For now, let us rejoice in hope, even the hope of the joy that is on the other side of sin, sorrow and death. Let us thank our heavenly Father for raising Jesus from the dead, for defeating the devil, sin and death and for giving us a Spiritual down payment of even better things to come.

Jesus was dead but is now alive. Let us eat in His honor.

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