Saturday, November 22, 2008

Exhortation- Giving Thanks

This is the week of thanksgiving. In it, we take special note to give thanks to our God and Father for all of His many blessings. But, we of all people, should be practiced in giving thanks. We take a special week and an American Holy Day to highlight our thanksgiving, to acknowledge that all of these blessings are indeed from God. But, we should be doing this continually, regularly, in our homes, in our church, among family, among friends. Giving thanks should be the primary characteristic that marks us out as Christians.

Giving Thanks

We have much for which to thank our God.
For homes and family
And feet that are shod
With the gospel of peace.
We cease to grumble and complain.
He sustains our souls for good.
And this is all from God.
To work is a gift from above.
And love, from spouse and children.
God has given mother and father,
And other friends with joy to win.
Let us see that God is good.
We should rejoice and pray
And say that all is reason to give thanks.
For thanks is gratitude revealed.
It heals and shows that we are God’s children.
So listen to this admonition.
Bow to the Father,
With brother and sister and others.
Thinking of God’s care over everything.
We sing His praises and our hearts are filled with joy unmeasured.
His treasures are our possessions.
Mercy, joy and love
From above are ours from Him. Amen.

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