Friday, November 14, 2008

Communion Meditation-Father is Good

God’s goodness starts here. If you cannot see that, you are going to have a hard time seeing anything in relation to His goodness. He is not an austere Father, although He can be a hard Father. He has high standards but He is easily pleased with the workings of His children. It’s true, He does not tolerate high-handed sin and rebellion but He has made a way for us through Jesus to come to Him without fear of condemnation. He disciplines us but as we teach our own children, it is because He loves us. If He did not discipline us, it would only show that He was not our real Father.

We have a lot to learn about Father, God. Some of you even have a hard time saying the Word Father in prayer and insist on merely calling Him, God. There are many reasons for this but among them is an inability to see Father as something that is good to the core. But He is our Father and He is good, the best of Fathers. All that was good about your Father, is much more true of our Father in Heaven. All that was truly bad about your Father is not true of your Father in heaven.

But here, now, today, is our Father’s kindness, gentleness and goodness revealed to you. He has called you to a great family meal. He has placed bread and wine before you. He is not angry with you. He is well-pleased with you just as He is with His own Son, Jesus the Christ. Can you not see that God has pulled us into the eternal love of the Trinity? Here is Father and Son, loving, laughing. Here is Holy Spirit, affection, communion, grace, presence. And here we are in the midst of Him, the Three in One. You are welcome. He is filling you with Himself. Here is the goodness of that Father. You must see it here, first and then you will begin to see His goodness all around you.

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