Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Graduation Bulletin

And just so you get the real feel, here's the bulletin.

Hurt Academy

Anno Domini August 8, 2008

“All Beginnings Testify of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Commencement Ceremony
Hurt Academy 2008

Graduating Class
Rebecca Hurt

Rebecca Hurt

Class Speech
Rebecca Hurt

College Bound
Rebecca Hurt
To New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho

Commencement Ceremony
Hurt Academy 2008

Opening Prayer

Psalm 63- O, Lord My God Most Earnestly, P. 92

Commencement Address
Virgil Hurt, Father of THE Graduate

Psalm 127, Except the Lord Build the House, P. 163

Presentation of the Diploma

Valedictorian Speech
Rebecca Hurt-THE Graduate

O God of Earth and Altar, P. 369

Closing Prayer

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